The Javascript SDK and the Superwidget use both the developer console and temporary user-facing messages to alert you of errors. Here we’ll cover the most common ones, and what to do if you run into them.

Message Interpretation What To Do
Missing App Identifier You didn’t specify your project ID in your code snippet. Update your HTML snippet to include data-app=[YOUR_PROJECT_ID]. For reference, check out the code snippet at
No app found by that ID The project ID in your code snippet was wrong. Go to and make sure that the data-app parameter in your HTML matches the one in the example code snippet.
Client Token Request Failed We couldn’t authenticate you, for an unknown reason. Refresh the page, and check that your HTML snippet is correct.
Our engineers have been automatically notified of the problem, so no need for you to do anything else.
Cannot Retrieve Contacts YesGraph couldn’t import your contacts from the third party. This sometimes happens when importing from Outlook and Hotmail, because they can’t deliver contacts for some of their older email accounts.
Microsoft describes this problem in more detail here:
Try importing from a different service, or create a newer Outlook/Hotmail account!