By letting us know which of your users’ invites get accepted, we can make even better suggestions going forward, and you’ll grow faster! All it takes is a small code snippet

Here’s how:

  1. Add this line of code to your sign-up page:
    <script id="yesgraph" data-app="YOUR_APP_ID" src="//"></script>

  2. Then from your signup page call YesGraphAPI.postInvitesAccepted from your Javascript when a new user signs up.

  3. Done! Now check your work on the YesGraph logs page.

<script src="//"></script>
var invitesAccepted = {
    "entries": [{
        "email": "NEW_USER_EMAIL",
        "accepted_at": "CURRENT_TIME"  // e.g., "1970-01-01T20:16:12+00:00"
        "new_user_id": "NEW_USER_ID", // (Optional) The ID or username you use internally for this user.

Using Python?

If you’d rather use our Python SDK to track new signups, check out the docs here!