YesGraph helps apps grow by building great social invite flows. We do a lot of social graph analysis and machine learning to suggest precisely which contacts your user should invite.

To integrate your Android app with YesGraph, use the YesGraph Android SDK. The YesGraph SDK handles the entire invitation flow – tracking invites sent, invites accepted, and learning to improve our suggested invites for your app.

The SDK is Open Source and is available on Github.

This SDK follows a client-server architecture. Each client app should be given a uniquely identifiable client-key. This client-key is generated by your server with it’s YesGraph secret key. You can read more about the Mobile App Architecture, and see our Python Server Example.


Documentation is divided into multiple documents:

  • Installation - Describes multiple ways of integrating YesGraph SDK into your application.
  • Getting Started - Easy to use guide.
  • Authentication - Describes authenticating with YesGraph API using the SDK.
  • Sharing - Describes sharing with YesGraph SDK.
  • Styling - Describes how to style the default YesGraph components.
  • Using SDK components - Describes how to use different SDK components to achieve specialized goals.
  • Architecture - Describes details of SDK internal architecture, classes and connections between them.

If you have any problems, do not hesitate to contact us.