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Suggested-seen should be called when a user has seen a contact from their ranked addressbook -- for example, in an mobile app when a user scrolls through a screen of potential people to invite.

This will help us train our rankings system to provide better results for rankings in the future.

The input is a list of entries of contacts seen, with the user-id of the current user of the app.




list of entries

This is a list of the contacts that were seen by the user -- NOT the entire address-book.





The unique ID you use internally to reference the user. This could be a string or an int.
Note: if you pass in a numeric user ID, it will be converted to a string, and thus returned as a string.


required (unless phones is present)

List of strings

The email address that was seen. Use this key if the suggestion was sent via an email.


required (unless emails is present)

List of strings or ints

The phone number of the suggestion that was seen. Use this key if the suggestion included phone numbers




The date and time the suggestion was seen. It defaults to the current time if not provided. This is an ISO 8601 date string or a Unix timestamp (integer). See the Dates section for details.

# Use YesGraph's Python SDK 
from yesgraph import YesGraphAPI
api = YesGraphAPI("YOUR_SECRET_KEY")

entries = [{"user_id": "1111",
            "emails": [""],
            "seen_at": "2015-02-28T20:16:12+00:00"

curl -X POST \
    -H 'Authorization: Bearer YOUR_SECRET_KEY' \
    -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
    -d '{
        "entries" : 
            [{"user_id": "1111",
            "emails": [""],
            "phones": ["4442223333"],
            "seen_at": "2015-02-28T20:16:12+00:00"
    }' \